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Life Insurance


Oswald advises businesses on the full-range of solutions that enhance the livelihoods of its most valued employees and sustain the long-term corporate vision through any circumstances that occur.

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Competition for top executives is as fierce as ever. Companies with the foresight to attract and retain top executives supplement their compensation packages with a customized Executive Benefits Plan.

These plans can feature a number of key benefits for executives and their families, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)
  • Group Universal Life (GUL)
  • Executive Disability/Long-Term Care
  • Multi-Life Individual Disability Income (IDI)
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan (NQDC)
  • And more

Contact an advisor to review your current Executive Benefits Plan design or create a new one for your organization.

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Sales Executive
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Corporate Owned Life Insurance

Corporate Owned life insurance (COLI) is a policy that you, as the business owner, take out on the life of one or more of your employees, where you can serve as the owner and beneficiary. Your employee typically has no interest in the policy besides being a named insured.

COLI can offer a number of benefits to an employer wanting an informal funding vehicle for non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans and other employee benefits. This enables the business owner to borrow against the cash value that accumulates under the policy, to pay premium or plan benefits. When designed properly it also provides tax-free build of cash value.

Corporate-owned life insurance can also be used to:

  • Provide key employees with a pre-retirement death benefit
  • Fund a key-person life insurance program
  • Provide a liquid savings vehicle for cash reserves and retained earnings

Contact an advisor to learn about more reasons that employers turn to COLI.

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Sales Executive
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Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning secures the life of your business for the long-term and ensures its operations are carried out in the manner that you desire. It also plans for a well-executed transition along the way.

Buy-Sell Agreements provide a road map for the company to continue its operations in the event of an untimely death or disability.  It should also provide a predetermined value or valuation method for the business so that your family receives fair value for the business that you have worked so hard to grow.

Life and Disability insurance can provide your business partner(s) or key employees the liquidity needed to buyout your family should the unexpected occur.  Cash-value life insurance can also provide a savings vehicle that can help the next generation fund a buyout of your business interests.

Key Person life and disability insurance can provide benefits that help offset financial losses that occur with the death or disability of a key employee.  Key person insurance benefits provide assets for the following:

  • Replacement of revenue
  • Recruiting and training a replacement
  • Enhances the creditworthiness of the company for commercial borrowing purposes

Contact an advisor to learn more about Life Insurance’s role in successful Business Succession Planning.

Mario Mastroianni
Sales Executive
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